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West Cheshire College Student Union

My name is Oliver McRae and I am the Student Union President of West Cheshire College. I first became involved with the Student Union as the Vice President and was elected as the President for 2016-17 in June 2016.

This year I will continue to study a Higher Education course at the College and I will represent the student voice in many ways, including meeting with College staff, providing support for students and also coordinating trips and social events. In my role, I am also a Student Governor and I represent College students at the National Union of Students’ events.

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Events and Activities

The Student Union arranges a wide variety of events and student trips throughout the year. Getting involved is a great way to meet other students.

Get involved!

If you join the College you may want to put yourself up for election as the President for next year, or become a Course Representative. The role of President is a paid post that gives you the opportunity to gain really good work experience.

If you want to find out more email me: o.mcrae@west-cheshire.ac.uk.