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Our Ten Merger Commitments

The newly formed College will:

1. provide consistently high quality provision and exceptional student support across the College. Our students will develop essential skills required by employers and higher education

2. provide a comprehensive range of qualifications and apprenticeships that reflect the needs of our students, employers and communities

3. be a financially strong College that will invest in new learning environments and technologies

4. work closely with schools, key universities, and other colleges to ensure there is effective progression to higher education and employment for all students

5. act with integrity throughout any period of change ensuring all staff are treated honestly, fairly and with respect. Any changes to terms and conditions will be implemented following full and effective consultation

6. be a good employer providing opportunities for staff to develop fulfilling careers within an environment which respects people and seeks to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and feel a sense of pride and ownership in the College

7. ensure the College is a vital part of the life and future of the County of Cheshire and will work with stakeholders to ensure that we are an essential agent in realising the hopes, aspirations and potential of the County and its people

8. create a College with a strong national and regional reputation whilst maintaining our local identities and accountability

9. work in close partnership with Local Authorities to secure equality of access to provision for all students

10. work with the Local Enterprise Partnership,  Chambers of Commerce and employers to provide learning relevant to their needs, with the aim of supporting economic and social development in the region