College helps build future for unemployed


West Cheshire College has partnered with Chester Giants to deliver a construction training course for unemployed young people through their Ready 4 Work programme.

During the 12-week course, students will learn key skills including brickwork, plastering, plumbing and joinery. The College is also partnering with local businesses to help the students gain as much work experience as possible.

The course already has 14 students enrolled and the College has secured work placements at Chester and District Housing Trust, Plus Dane group, Blacon Kids club charity and Trafford Hall.

Jimmy Crewe, NEETs Project Manager at West Cheshire College, said: “It is important that the programmes we offer are very hands-on and practical. There are a lot of talented young people in West Cheshire who are very employable and just lack the experience and opportunities to prove their abilities to employers”.

Chris Mitchell, NEETs Co-ordinator at West Cheshire College, said: “The 12-week programme is designed to help young people currently not in education, employment or training to provide them with the right skills and experience to enter the workplace.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to get their first step into employment – so this course is definitely a great way to give them a kick start.

“We have already had a lot of support from local organisations who will be providing placements but we are encouraging more companies to get involved.

“Work placements will benefit both the individual by boosting their skills but it will also bring advantages for the organisation as we have so many fantastic individuals ready for work placements that are enthusiastic and ready to learn.”

For more information about courses or for companies wanting to find out how they can get involved in offering  placement opportunities for young people call the West Cheshire College hotline on 01244 656555 or visit

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