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Click on the images below for the latest UK high resolution visible/ European Infra-red images/animations from the Meteosat geostationary satellite positioned 36,000km above the earth, updated every 15 minutes. All Images courtesy of Sat 24.

UK satellite image
UK Visible image. (Switches to I/R at night)
Click image to zoom. Courtesy Sat24

Europe satellite image
European Infra-red image.
Click image to zoom. Courtesy Sat24









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Rainfall Radar



Rainfall radars show the intensity of precipitation together with the speed and direction of movement. With 15 minute updates you can plan outdoor activities more easily. As well as the radar facility, lightning detection is also available every 30 minutes to highlight areas where thunderstorms are occurring or developing. As with the radars, animations provide information as to the intensity, speed and direction.