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Helen Nellist
Acting Principal and Chief Executive

We are passionate about what we do and inspire our students to be passionate about their own learning and where this can lead them. As soon as you walk into the College you can sense an
inspirational learning place.

We are confident that our experience and achievements will significantly contribute to the success of our stakeholders – that is you.

Studying at West Cheshire College is very special, it is about giving you the real experience, practical skills and knowledge that you need - we also believe everyone who learns at the College should achieve their full potential. 

The College offers a fantastic range of courses and apprenticeships and we are particularly proud of the state-of-the-art learning resources and the latest industry-standard equipment that we have, giving you unique specialised experiences.

As a College we strive to maximise the role we play regionally, nationally and internationally and endeavour to enhance the learning experience for students with access to the best learning and education opportunities possible.  Our overarching mission is to be recognised as an exceptional College that provides life changing skills and experiences for all our stakeholders, including individuals, businesses and communities.

We offer learning opportunities for many different students and never lose sight of you as an individual. You can choose an area of study which suits your abilities and interests and prepares you for the next steps in your learning journey.

We are very proud of our individual staff and student achievements, whether through their exam results, awards, recognition, their work placements or the wide range of enrichment activities that we offer.

The acquisition of skills and employment opportunities remain dominant factors within the markets we continue to serve and we are confident that we will continue to play a vital role in equipping individuals with the necessary skills to both respond to the challenges of the current economic climate, and to grasp future opportunities. Our approach to skills and employability remains clear and we will continue to offer and develop vocational and academic qualifications that are relevant to your needs.

In summary, West Cheshire College is aspirational – our shared values, mind-set and vision is clearly underpinned with a modern high quality and relevant curriculum, supporting the College’s journey to achieve its mission of becoming outstanding.

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