228 Fashion Industries

Level 4 Diplomas

Are you creative? Do you have great fashion sense? Have you always dreamt of designing your own window displays? Then our Level 4 Diplomas in Fashion, Buying and Merchandising and Visual Merchandising are essential for you.

ABC Diploma in Buying & Merchandising for Fashion Retail Level 4
Every great boutique or department store needs great stock, somebody behind the scene deciding to stock THAT DRESS because it will be the next big thing. Fashion merchandising jobs require a blend of fashion sense and business expertise. You will gain knowledge and understanding of working towards set budgets, problem solving, communication skills, and forecasting trends.

ABC Diploma in Visual Merchandising for Retail Level 4
Do you have a flair for design and colour? Are you creative and imaginative and aware of current trends and activities in design, fashion and culture? This programme is designed to prepare you for a career in the world of visual merchandising. You will focus on gaining the essential visual merchandising skills that employers need. You will learn about how to create window and in-store displays for retail outlets and how to promote their band identity.

ABC Diploma in Fashion Design Level 4
The course has been designed to give students an introduction to fashion and all aspects of the fashion industry. On the course you will learn about the fashion cycle, pattern cutting, buying, range planning, merchandising and fashion promotion. You will also be given an insight in to possible employment progression opportunities in the fashion industry.

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